Common Qs and As:

Where is The Well located?

Home base for The Well is currently in Toledo, Ohio. However, we are happy to connect with anyone who reaches out virtually.

Where do meetings take place?

Meetings can take place in person or online. Physical meetings currently occur in various popular public places, subject to client comfort and preference. You can choose a location as you sign up for a meeting. We believe God will bless us with a physical office location as an option soon.

Do I have to sign up for a certain number of meetings?

There is no requirement for a certain number of meetings. We want you to desire to come to The Well for healing and help, but you are under no obligation. We caution not to stop meetings prematurely, but ultimately, we believe the choice is yours!

At The Well, we want you to receive true wellness and healing through Jesus, as described in the Bible. When that happens, you don’t need us anymore, but you’re welcome to visit anytime for another drink of living water!

What if I can’t make a meeting I scheduled?

If you can’t make a meeting, call or email us more than 24 hours before your meeting to re-schedule at no cost. If you contact us less than 24 hours before your meeting, you will still be reimbursed, but you will be charged a fee. This is not to take advantage of you, but to honor the scheduling and the time coaches have devoted to preparing for your visit over someone else. Yes, we prepare specifically for you every time!

 Am I able to choose a female or male coach?

We are working toward greater flexibility for your preferences. As The Well grows, we anticipate more options for those visiting The Well.

Do I have to go to a church or be religious to come to The Well?

No, you do not have to attend a church or be religious. The Well is open to everyone.  The biblical principles of Jesus are the foundation of coaching for all clients.

Jesus sought out the sick, hurting, and broken people. We pray to lead all to hope, healing, and Truth, but it is up to you to choose what you receive!

What is the cost?

The base price is $100 per visit, but discounts are available! College students that verify their school enrollment are half-price. Package discounts are available if more than 1 meeting is purchased at a time. And we will also give you a discount as you refer others. Just ask us!

What are the accepted forms of payment?

We currently accept Square and Paypal, so any credit card or bank account linked to your Paypal can be used. Cash or check in person is acceptable. You can also use your HSA plan to pay. We are happy to discuss alternate methods of payment as the need arises.

What is the source of the idea of The Well?

The Well came to being through God’s prompting and Holy Spirit inspiration. As I experienced the world, I came to recognize the hurt, pain, suffering, and stresses of the people in it. Everyone has problems, and God likes to use people to bring recovery, healing, and love from Him.

I made myself available to God to help people as a trusted source of wise counsel, and God blessed it! The idea of The Well came as more and more people surfaced wanting help, and I sought to give my full time and attention to this need.

What are the future plans for The Well?

Now THAT’s a good question! Hold on tight. We plan to see the number coaches and counselors multiply as the demand grows. We would love to see multiple locations, locally and across the nation. We expect to see God work through The Well to heal thousands! But before that happens, we plan to turn to God and praise Him for every single blessing.

As much as The Well is a service for your inner healing, we also want to see a more healthy and happy physical you. We envision The Well offering a relaxed social environment with smoothies and snacks. We also hope to partner with other good causes in the local community. Ultimately, we are walking in faith and trusting however God might lead and move!

The Well was and continues to be the result of an act of faith.

God makes the way. God gets the praise!